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On the 31st of January I had the great possibility to participate to the Kjemi (it means Chemistry, in Norwegian!) Grand Prix! And what is that? Well, in my opinion, a wonderful way to help people falling in love with science and research. The event was a friendly competition organized by the Department of Chemistry of the University of Oslo. Each section of the department could nominate one or two PhD students or post Doc researchers…and I could proudly represent the Organic Chemistry Section.

Each young researcher (we were 8 in total) had the possibility to present his/her own work in front of a quite big audience (students, employees of the department) and a jury of people non-science educated…well, I forgot to say, IN JUST 5 MINUTES! More than 150 people attended! The main challenge was to be fast, clear and understandable! I presented the ProtectED project and my beautiful cyanobacteria, of course.

Ehm…no, I did not win but I am very happy for my performance! It was a huge occasion to meet people, to share my research, to communicate! Communication is fundamental! Like scientists, we have the duty to be able to share our knowledge in a simple and clear way, and that was a nice training to improve my communication skills.

We all did a good job and what pleased me more was the teamwork we did to improve each other presentations…not like competitors, but like friends and colleagues with the aim to give quality to this event. I am proud of us!

And in the end…pizza for everybody!!!


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