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I think my fellows already described you over and over how lucky we are to be enrolled in this programme, quite some nice research, excellent teaching and good opportunities to discover new places. Therefore, I thought it would be nice to write about something that most of us do during their free time: spend time on social media.

Social Medias are a nice thing. Not only for keeping in touch with your friends but also staying informed of what is going on in your research field as more and more scientists get “connected” and use platforms like Twitter and Facebook to communicate about research and give their personal opinion about research. I think it’s a good thing as we are now not restricted anymore to get information only through scientific journals and heavy manuscripts that are an impersonal way of communicating about research. Now, you can have your morning coffee and learn that one of your fellow researcher communicates about interesting results, or learn that new regulations have been voted regarding some endocrine disrupting compounds. How great is that! But, to be honest, what I do 75% of the time I scroll down on social media while having my morning coffee is laughing at memes.

A “Meme”? If you were born before the 80’s there is a high level of chance that you never heard this word and even less chances you know exactly what it means. However, if you are a regular user of internet and social media, you probably crossed memes one day! A meme (pronounce /miːm/ ; MEEM) can be anything on the internet. A picture, a video, something funny or something that someone takes it and makes it into something else. What makes this image/video become a meme is that it will be copied and spread rapidly by internet users. There are memes for everybody: gamers, animal lovers, sports fan and PhD students (yay)! Some of us, ProtectED PhDs, are following a Facebook page named: High Impact PhD Memes.

This page is more or less a repository of everyday life situations, research problems, paper submission process, setbacks and other moments a PhD student is going to get through during these years but always turned in a funny way! I think we are all going to get through some of these things one day so we should better have to make fun of it now. To finish the blog, here are some memes from the Facebook page “High impact PhD memes”, I hope you’ll find them as funny as I did!

Hope you enjoyed it, see you next time!


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