It’s me, from the far North!

I would like to tell you about my first Norwegian weekend outside Oslo!

I joined the running group of my Institute (Norwegian Veterinary Institute, as you remember…maybe!) for something called “cabin trip”: it’s just run away from the crowded city to reach these comfortable small houses, made almost entirely by wood, located in the middle of nowhere…just fresh air, food and peace for the brain!
The Institute usually rents a cabin that employees can book and use both during winter to go skiing, or maybe to spend a nice weekend hiking and exploring nature, like we did in the end of this summer.

I come from a quiet and really green part of Italy, so these peaceful landscapes are not new for me. But I could appreciate the power they had on my mind and soul: just 48h disconnected from the routine of a PhD student life living abroad, popped out in the perfect moment. I recharged batteries and learnt something new about Norwegian habits. It has been, even if it sounds weird, the first time for me in Norway outside Oslo…around 200km far from the city, on the hills of Uvdal…the first one, but not the last one, of course!

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