PPTOX is a globally recognized conference that gathers together scientists from all over the world working in the field on Environmental Toxicology (from both basic science and epidemiological perspective) with a special focus on prenatal programming and endocrine-disrupting chemicals. This was a great opportunity for me and my fellow PROTECTed ESR, Anteneh Desalegn, to learn more on ongoing research about endocrine disruptors, make connections and develop new ideas. Anteneh presented the poster “Early-life exposure to POPss in breast milk and autism spectrum disorder in HUMIS-NOMIC cohort”. My talk was titled “In utero exposure to cigarette smoke is associated with age and sex specific changes in NAFLD pathway”. We both received very positive feedback and interest from the attending scientists. The next PPTOX conference will take place in Chicago in 2020 and we hope we will be able to attend it!


The Faroe Islands
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