Hello everyone!

My name is Elizabeth Goya Jorge, and I am living in Valencia, working at ProtoQSAR company and developing my PhD at the Universitat de València thanks to the grant of the Marie Curie financial support offered by the European Commission in the Horizon’s 2020 Program on the Protection Against Endocrine Disruption (PROTECTED). I have been in Valencia for a half year now, and I could say that I love all about my work, my colleagues, the city and the people here. I have felt like at home during this short period. The weather is great as well, we can see the sun almost every day, and it seldomly rains. I have the Mediterranean Sea very close, and Valencia has impressive places to visit and enjoy.

I would like to tell you about my first International Event experience that took place from February 21st-23rd in Blankenberge, the coast of Belgium. The name of this bi-annual event is ChemCYS and it is organized for young scientists in Chemical Sciences. It has the financial support of some prestigious entities such as IUPAC and ACS. I submitted an abstract last November, and I was very excited (and nervous) when they conceded me an Oral Presentation in the Theoretical Chemistry and Physical Session. There, I presented some of the research that we have been developing as part of PROTECTED, specifically in computational approaches to study the endocrine disruption trigged by chemical compounds.

In the first Plenary Lecture, I had the unforgettable opportunity of assisting to a talk given by the 2016 Nobel Prize in Chemistry Prof. Dr. Ben Feringa, from the University of Groningen. He showed us the far-reaching dimension that the use of nanoscience could have in the future, or, as he named it “The Art of Building Small”. Some other sessions were based on research work in several fields such as Analytical, Food, Organometallic, Macromolecular and Inorganic Chemistry, among others. A nice poster presentation in the evening complemented the scientific program. As part of the extra scientific schedule, a very interesting activity called “KaféCV” based on an informal meeting where all the participants talked to representatives from research centers and chemical industry about potential career paths as a “face to face” exchange for networking and prospects of work.

Additionally, there were seminars from multiple subjects, not only about chemistry, but also on “How to manage my online profile”, “Features and possibilities of LaTEX”, “Intellectual Property Management” and “Information about graphic representations”.

It was a great opportunity for me, professionally and personally, so, thanks to all who made it possible.

I am looking forward to seeing you all in a couple of months!


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