Hello everyone,
It’s the new ESR, Melissa!

I am so excited to be a new member of the PROTECTED project and begin a new life and career in Belfast. Having lived here for almost 2 months, I feel as though I am finally (almost) settled in. After completing my MSc last September, I never expected to be back in academia so soon. I guess I just love being a student! Everyone I have met from the project here at Queens has been so helpful and kind, making this an amazing new experience. Beginning a PhD has definitely been challenging, but I have the chance to take advantage of so many great opportunities. For instance, I was able to attend the International Conference for Uncertainty in Risk Analysis last weekend in Berlin, Germany. My first conference!

Unfortunately, due to certain deadlines, I was not able to present at this particular conference. However, this was a great opportunity for me to listen to some of the experts in the field of risk analysis and communication discuss their research. My own research is on consumer perceptions of endocrine disrupting chemicals, and this conference pointed me to so many resources that will be helpful later on, when I develop strategies to communicate the risk of these chemicals to the public.

I am looking forward to many more amazing experiences and opportunities to travel as part of the PROTECTED team. So far, I know that I will be going to Spain in September for my secondment and Chile in November for Summer School. We also have some exciting public engagement events coming up, like the Balmoral Show in May.

Stay tuned for more updates on the adventures of being an ESR on the PROTECTED project!


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