I am a PhD candidate working at NMBU Oslo in collaboration with University of Oslo (UiO). My research focuses on the effects of defined realistic mixtures of POPs (Persistent Organic Pollutants) on neurodevelopment in a chicken embryo model.

So far, I have done some pilot studies with POPs on forebrain neurons from chicken embryo and PC12 cells. I have attended the FELASA C “Course in Laboratory Animal Science for Research Workers” and got the opportunity to learn the basics of laboratory animal science, for example, biology, handling, anesthesia, euthanasia, ethics, humane endpoints etc. This course gives us a permit to work with laboratory animals in most of the European countries.

Something special about Oslo: in Oslo you will not only experience the beautiful nature, but you will soon realize that the people here are very friendly and happy to speak English with newcomers. I was totally surprised when I arrived for the first time to Oslo in June and noticed that the sun sets only for a couple of hours and the sky never goes completely dark. Besides that, the research facilities of the laboratory are well equipped and there are a lot of training and networking opportunities.

I am looking forward to attending the summer school at Queen’s University Belfast and meeting new colleagues and supervisors from ITN networks.

Thanking You

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