Exciting Update: Migration to Ex Libris Alma® and Primo®

In mid-August 2023, we will be migrating to Ex Libris Alma® Library Services Platform and Primo® Library Discovery Service. The implementation is progressing well and remains on track.

The Alma platform will streamline and optimise our various library workflows, allowing us to provide a more efficient and seamless service to our customers.

With the Primo Discovery Service integrated into our system, users will have access to a unified search experience across our resources. The enhanced discovery features will make it easier for users to find relevant materials, and access digital resources seamlessly.

Our dedicated project team has been working hard to ensure a smooth and successful migration. We are taking great care to migrate data, configure the system, and conduct rigorous testing. Throughout this process, we remain committed to minimising any disruption to our Healthcare Library services.

We are excited about the positive changes this migration will bring to our services and look forward to providing you with an even better experience. Please stay tuned for more information shortly.

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