Access to e-resources and e-books

Many full text articles and books are available to read online.   You can search for both articles and books using the library search box, simply enter a few key words or the title of the article or book you are looking for. The results will then be displayed and you can either identify the source you want or refine the search using the “refine options” on the left hand side.   You need to Login to read the full text.

For a more detailed article search use the advanced search or one of the many databases available – (Medline, CINAHL etc.  follow the link for databases a-z)  

If you need help with searching for articles please contact one of the specialist librarians or your local trust based librarian as we can also provide telephone help and support.

Don’t forget library members also have access to 100’s of e-books that are freely available to read day or night (Internet access required). E-Books are clearly identified in the library catalogue, all you need to do is logon with your library number & password you can read the book online.   

To find what e-books are available, enter your keyword search as normal in the library search box.  You can limit or refine the search results to only display e-books by selecting resource type, and e-books, (please note you may need to click on show more to see the e-books option – this only displays if there are e-books )

It is generally possible to copy and print sections or a chapter from an e-book (within copyright restrictions), and most e-books identify how much can be printed.   if the book you want to read isn’t available as an e-book, please contact your trust or specialist librarian and we will endeavour to order an electronic copy.

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