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Microsoft 365


Recent developments in the digital needs for its global users has seen Microsoft rebrand the classically known Office 365 products to Microsoft 365, or simply M365. This now includes a wider array of products to the classic Office portfolio, including a range of web-based apps such as Forms, Bookings, Power Automate, Lists and many more.

At its core, Microsoft 365 offers you a range of productivity apps, including the leading collaboration app, Microsoft Teams, as well as cloud storage and sharing services, OneDrive and SharePoint.

As well as the classic Office apps (Outlook, Word, PowerPoint, Excel), users can also avail of OneNote for storing your notes for teaching, research and administration work. When synced with your OneDrive, all these Microsoft 365 Apps can be accessed at any time and from any device.  

Support and Guidance

Accessing the Service

Access Microsoft 365 here, or use the Quick Link on Queen’s Online to log in (use your student number and password).

Training and Support

Training resources for using the M365 apps plus FAQs are available on the Queen's Office 365 Training site (log in using your student number and password).

How to get Help

If you experience any problem accessing or using the M365 apps please contact the IT Service Desk – You can also request IT support through Queen’s Online.