A number of resources are available in time for September 2023 to support teaching staff when introducing Canvas to new students and to aid communication, which is driven by schools at the start of every term, The Canvas Introduction Slide Deck (PowerPoint slides) is the primary resource available, supported by a number of additional resources detailed below:

1. PowerPoint Slide Deck

The Canvas PowerPoint Slide Deck is an effective way to introduce Canvas to students, across all levels of study, at the start of term.  The presentation provides an overview of the VLE, key information for students and details of the help and support available.  Click the link below to download a copy of the slides and tailor them for use at a school, programme or course level. 


2. Orientation Video

The ‘Canvas Orientation Video – A Guided Tour For Students’ provides key information for getting started and demonstrates how to navigate the Canvas. This video can be used by schools during induction sessions or lectures to introduce Canvas to students. This video is also included in the PowerPoint Slide Deck and runs for 5:52 mins.


3. Student Online Course

The ‘Canvas Student Orientation Course’ is the fundamental course designed to help students get started with Canvas at Queen’s. It highlights all of the key topics they need to be aware of, for example; setting up their profile, how to submit assignments or view grades & feedback etc. It can be accessed via the Help menu in Canvas.


Link to the Canvas Student Orientation Course


4. Digital Learning@Queen’s 

The Digital Learning@Queen’s Blog has a dedicated section for students. It highlights where students can get Help with various digital platforms and provides key guidance for their digital learning journey at Queen’s. We recommend both staff and students save this website as a favourite for future reference.