Competing Imperialisms in Northeast Asia, 1894-1953

CIRN3 Programme

CIRN3: St Petersburg 2021

Competing Imperialisms in Northeast Asia: New Perspectives
Third Conference, Competing Imperialisms Research Network (CIRN 3)
St Petersburg State University

UPDATE: Owing to the evolving situation regarding travel and COVID-19, CIRN3 has been POSTPONED until Autumn 2021.

The organising committee for CIRN3 are pleased to present the programme of events for our conference at St Petersburg State University. The conference book of abstracts can be found here .
N.B.: The programme is provisional and subject to change prior to the rescheduled event.

The list of papers and presenters are as follows:

Prof. Peter O’CONNOR (Musashino University): ‘Adventures in opinion: Influencers, chancers and fairweather friends on the road to systemic change in Northeast Asia’

Dr Aglaia DE ANGELI (Queen’s University Belfast): ‘Maps of Manchuria: towards a new visualisation of global, transnational or cross-border activities.’

Prof. Nikita E. KOVRIGIN (St Petersburg State University): ‘Shaping the Chinese community in Japan and Russia: the role of political factor.’

Prof. Denis G. YANCHENKO ( St Petersburg State University ): ‘Nicholas II’s economic policy in the Far East in the documents of the Russian State Historical Archive (RGIA).’

Prof. TSUCHIYA Reiko (Waseda University): ‘Anti-British Propaganda as a part of Japanese Imperialism over China in the 1930s.’

Dr Sherzod MUMINOV (University of East Anglia): ‘The Myth of Soviet Superiority: Explaining Japanese Strategists’ Preoccupations with Soviet Power in East Asia in the Early 1930s.’

Dr Alexander TITOV (Queen’s University Belfast): ‘Empire into nation: Mechanisms of national appropriation of imperial space by Russia and its rivals in modern Northeast Asia.’

Prof. Yaroslav SHULATOV (Kobe University): ‘Russia as “Trauma”: The Rise and Fall of Japan as a Great Power.’

Prof. KOBAYASHI Akina (Tama University): ‘From Japanese militarism to the Soviet communism – the “change of heart” of Japanese POW through the Soviet indoctrination.’

Prof. Nikolay SAMOYLOV (St Petersburg State University): ‘Ivan Korostovetz and his role in Russian Diplomatic Activities in the Far East before and during the Xinhai Revolution.

Dr Anna M. KHARITONOVA (St Petersburg State University): ‘Contribution of G.A. Planson in the Foreign Policy of the Russian Empire in the Far East in the Early 20th century.’

Prof. KOBAYASHI Somei (Nihon University): ‘Public diplomacy of Japanese empire and Imperial/Colonial Fraternity: The Carnegie Endowment’s Tour for American Journalists to the “Orient” in 1929.’