Which A levels should I take to study architecture?

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Know of anyone thinking of studying architecture – not much info out there about A level combinations – above is a sample of those who have successfully passed Year One of Architecture at Queen’s University 2014 / 2015 – at the first attempt. It’s not necessarily the “art / maths / physics” of old…

Great result for QUB BSc graduates

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Congratulations to QUB BSc graduates Jonathan, Matthew, and Brett. All students are currently working at top practices in London; including Fosters, and were awarded and honourable mention in the international matterbetter competition. Participants were asked to redefine a contemporary lighthouse typology and take into consideration advances in technology, development of sustainable systems and its metaphorical value which has made it one of the most inspiring structures in the world. Lighthouse design should become a tribute to the Costa Concordia Disaster and highlight the vulnerable borders between the elements of Land and Sea, Sky and Ground, Light and Darkness.Both students have stated they will  bring the skills, and experiences, gained during their year out back to Queens University in September as the commence the recently re-formatted MArch (Part 2). Staff and external tutors are looking forward to working with them.

See: http://matterbetter.com/blog/article/43

Aqua Alta and MOSE in Venice

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Venice_1 2

In November 2014, a number of Queen’s students helped invigilate the Irish Pavilion at the Venice Biennale. During their time here, Venice was submerged by the Aqua Alta; the High Water. Aqua Alta is a natural phenomenon where tidal currents break above the waters edge, flooding the city. From his experience of this event, speaking with local residents, and subsequent research on the city’s measures to reduce the affect of Aqua Alta, Jonathan Connerney produced the following paper.

Image: Photograph of Strata Nuova 2014 by Jonathan Connerney





Through the Looking Glass

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Current QUB Part 1 graduates; Laura Haslett and Shannon Berry, have put together a series of art installations connected with the Volunteering Excellency Awards. The installations are placed in a number of locations around the university. Recognising that there is overwhelming amount of students doing positive things in the local community, Through the Looking Glass documents, highlights, and celebrates just a few of these students.

The project will be in place for one day only, coinciding with the Volunteering Excellency Awards on the 15 June 2015.

The Architectural Association of Ireland 2015 Awards

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A team from Year 2 Architecture was officially announced this year’s AAI Competition winners.  The Brief and Judging were carried by Thomas O’Brien, who agreed three joint winners across all Schools of Architecture in Ireland. QUB’s winning entry was titled “How do we keep a sense of family.. Does Space matter”, produced by My Forell, Jennifer Whittaker, & Ciara Mitchel. The team received a certificate during the public exhibition of the Awards held in Dublin. Congratulations to all!

March Reviews Underway

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Valerie Mulvin, Irenee Scalbert & Maud Cotter kick off the final MArch reviews at Architecture at Queen’s Belfast.

We are back

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Alan Jones

We are back – looking forward to two days of discussion – the final MArch design reviews of 2014-15 – south Dining Hall, next to the Whitla Hall. Wednesday & Thursday – everyone is welcome…

Image: Alan Jones

Mark Hackett receives honourable mention in Helsinki Guggenheim international competition

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Mark Hackett_Guggenheim

A worldwide open architecture competition for the proposed Helsinki Guggenheim attracted a record number of entries (1,715) and the organizers have now revealed the six finalists and fifteen other schemes which narrowly missed out on the shortlist. Amongst those to receive an honorable mention is Belfast based architect, and former QUB student Mark Hackett. Mark was assisted by a number of QUB graduates and current students: Alice Nickell, Jason Stead, Nadine Graham, Niall Quinn, Sasha Greig. Congratulations to all involved.

See; www.designguggenheimhelsinki.org, for full information on the competition.

Image credit; Mark Hackett.

Success in Jeffrey Cook Award

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Dr. Mohamed Gamal Abdelmonem has received the internationally acclaimed Jeffrey Cook Award for “Best Paper by a Scholar in the Field of Traditional Dwellings and Settlements” for the year 2014. He received the award on his paper: “Cairene Homes of Modernity: The changing architecture of home in the early 20th Century Cairo”.
The Jeffrey Cook Award is a recognition by the International Association for the Study of Traditional Environments (IASTE) for the best scholarly paper submitted to the Biennial IASTE Conference and ‘’. He received the recognition in the Award’s Ceremony in Kuala Lumpur on the evening of 15th December 2014.
With over 500 international member scholars, 140 submissions and rigorous anonymous review, the Jeffrey Cook Award is the highest recognition in this field of research.

Further Success for Queen’s Students

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Congratulations to Holly Dale with her successful application to the QUB Thomas Dixon Scholarship – to help with her travels in Cuba this summer. Further success for our architecture students ….