Workshop “Africa in Ireland / Ireland in Africa”

11 May 2017, Trinity College, Dublin

Ireland in Africa2017

 1.     Africans in Ireland      

 09.30.   Bill Hart (Ulster University):   ‘American sources for a black presence in nineteenth-century Ireland’

 09.50. Eric Morier-Genoud (Queen’s University Belfast):  ‘Cosmopolitan Belfast? Africans and Africa at Queen’s University, 1941-1971’

10.10.  Abel Ugba (University of East London):  ‘Identity, belonging and media use by Irish Africans’

2.  African Studies in Ireland [A]

11.15.  Laura Brown (Maynooth University): ‘“They were a greasy, downtrodden lot”: Egypt and the perception of Egyptians in Anglo-Egyptian Sudan 1899-1956’

11.35.  Roger Boulter:  ‘Target Pretoria – Dieter Gerhardt and the Soviet penetration of the South African Defence Force’

11.55. Filipe Ribeiro de Meneses (Maynooth University),  ‘From metropolitan revolution to colonial exodus:  The fall of Portuguese Angola, 1974-5’

3.  African Studies in Ireland [B]

13.45.   Michelle D’Arcy (Trinity College Dublin): ‘The historical antecedents and contemporary political impact of devolution in Kenya’

14.05. Padraig Carmody (Trinity College Dublin):The geopolitics and economics of BRICS resource and market access in Southern Africa’

4. The Irish and Africa: Connections and reflections

14.45.  David Dickson (Trinity College Dublin): ‘The missionary motorist: Thomas Gavan Duffy’s Africa crossing, 1927-8’

15.05. Ailish Veale (Trinity College Dublin): ‘Irish Catholic medical missionaries in the development era’

15.25.  Kevin O’Sullivan (NUI Galway): ‘Lessons from Biafra’

15.40.  Tom Lodge (University of Limerick): The Irish Anti-Apartheid movement’

5. Keynote paper

16.30.   Donal McCracken (University of KwaZulu-Natal, Durban):  ‘The retreat down Africa. The Irish in Africa – Colonial running dogs or harbingers of change?’