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Colloquium 2018

00001“African Studies in Ireland 2018”

In memoriam Professor Martin Lynn

Friday 25 May (1-6pm) – Saturday 26 May 2018 (9am-5pm)
Queen’s University Belfast, Senate Room


         FRIDAY 25 May 2018
Africa Day

1pm Welcome

Peter Gray, director of the Institute of Irish Studies
Eric Morier-Genoud, organiser

I. Africa, Ireland and Queen’s University, 1,30-3,00pm

  • Nini Rodgers (QUB) – “At Queens: African students, Martin Lynn and me, 1959-2005”.
  • Eric Morier-Genoud (QUB) – “Queen’s University and Africa, 1900s-1970s”.
  • Emmet O’Connor (Ulster) – “Belfast labour and ‘Chinese slavery’ in South Africa, 1904-47”.

         3,00-3,30pm coffee

II. History and Historiography of Africa, 3,30-5,00pm

  • Donal Lowry (Oxford) – “A mirror to Ireland’s face: colonial echoes and analogies in Rhodesia-Zimbabwe ca.1890-1990’.
  • Laura S. Brown (Maynooth) – “Class, culture and historiography in Egypt and the Sudan 1899-1956”.
  • Robert McNamara (Ulster) – “Pearls and perils in the documentary record”.

III. KEYNOTE, 5,00-6,00pm

  • Richard Rathbone (SOAS) – “Reading, thinking and writing about sources on the ending of colonial rule in West Africa”.


SATURDAY 26 May 2018

IV. Ireland, Africa and Art, 9,30- 11,00

  • Jonathan Wright (Maynooth) – “Agency and abolition: Africans in eighteenth- and early nineteenth-century Ulster”.
  • Fiona Loughnane (NCAD) – “A Shamrock-Shaped Image of Africa: The Photographic Encounters of Catholic Sisters in Uganda”.
  • Bill Hart (Ulster) – “The Afro-Portuguese Ivories, 1988-2018”.

V. Conflict resolution, Peacekeeping and Culture, 11,00-12,30

  • Tom Lodge (Limerick) – “Conflict-Resolution in Nigeria after the Biafran War”
  • Walt Kilroy (DCU) – “The impossible mandate? Protection of civilians by UN peacekeepers in Africa”.
  • Laura Basell (QUB) – “Shihrazad’s Baths: 1001 Tales of Zanzibar Nights”.

12,30-14,00 lunch

VI. Hunters and Music in West Africa, 14,00-15,00

  • Theodoris Konkouris (QUB) – “Heroes or Villains: The Social Status of Hunters & Their Musicians in Malian Imaginary: An Ethnographic Approach”.
  • Joseph Hellweg (Florida State) – “‘Playing the Hunters’ Qur’an’: Performing Islam and the Hunt in West Africa”.

VII. Contemporary African issues, 15,00-17,00

  • John Brewer (QUB) – “African Universities as agents of social change”.
  • Stefan Andreasson (QUB) – “The 21st Century transformation of global energy markets: impact of the US shale revolution on African oil and gas producing states”.
  • John J. Hogan (Limerick) – “Analysis of negotiations to design the African Peace and Security Architecture”.

Conclusion, 17,00-17,30

Free entry. Please register in advance (for catering purposes) on: