New Methods for New Media Network


The New Methods for New Media Network provides a space for researchers and doctoral students to critically examine the uses and methods of research in digital media, online spaces and platforms. Based at Queen’s University, Belfast; the network promotes an interdisciplinary collaboration that includes internal and international members.  A diverse mix of scholars bring subject expertise and research projects to explore the challenges and opportunities within working with digital discourses.  

The network aims too:

  • Develop insights into research in online spaces and social networking platforms .
  • Communicate research and knowledge transfer through events and workshops.
  • Provide networking opportunities across international and interdisciplinary links.
  • Create research resources for policy makers.
  • Invite researchers at all levels to contribute to the network.

The New Methods for New Media Network is led by Dr Jane Lugea (AEL) and doctoral candidate Angela Rogan (SSESW).

Membership is open to all interested in digital media research. If you would like to request further information, please use the contact us page.