Life in Lockdown

COVID Perspective

Carlee Wilson
MA Candidate in Conflict Transformation & social justice

Belfast in lockdown is loud at night. The sound of a helicopter stirs the darkness, its whirring drones on for what seems like hours outside my window looking west. I ask my friend, Google, why the helicopters are so frequent lately. She replies with an article from 2018:

“If you can’t sleep, too bad. Be thankful it’s not you who has a loved one missing.”

Poems & Creative Writing

Keflavik Airport

Carlee Wilson
MA Candidate in Conflict Transformation & Social Justice

Tables bare in convenience store

Cafeteria white cashiers

Speak in native tongue

Switch seamlessly into my language

Take all currency from traveled hands

I buy salt black as a volcano

The darkest thing in sight

Is the nothingness outside the windows

Reflections of ourselves staring back, waiting

Elevator music and quiet murmurs

Until we step into the cold

Wheels on pavement

Then takeoff