Life in Lockdown

Invitation for HAPP students to join Boston College’s ‘Global Conversations’

Students at Boston College are launching a new ongoing project called Global Conversations, which connects small groups of students (8-12 total, half from Boston College and half from another university around the world) for informal one-hour conversations about a range of topics that matter to them, and that they choose. Each session will have a specific topic and opening questions drafted by conversation leaders from each university, but can range freely as participants see fit. Most conversations will be held in English, but some will also be conducted in other languages. Initially, conversations will be organized in six major themes: 

  • The COVID-19 Pandemic
  • Racial Justice & Decolonization
  • Protests & Social Change
  • Environmental Justice
  • Globalization & Global Culture(s)
  • Migration & Immigration

This is an invitation for students at HAPP to participate in these Global Conversations. 

Each conversation needs a student leader from each university; together they will determine three main questions for the session, recruit 4-5 other students to join them (or simply take them from a sign-up list), schedule the conversation and confirm the technology (we will set these up using Zoom unless other tools are better in specific contexts). If you are interested, please reach out to one of the Boston College students who are helping to lead the project: 

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