Energy Efficient Materials

The Geopolymer team activities are carried out in the framework of the Energy Efficient Material group.

The group  aims to pioneer the development of sustainable materials with emphasis to carbon and energy whilst also focusing on the longevity of civil infrastructure, investigating the following fields:

  • Metallurgy.
  • HotCon – Hot weather concreting and the use of maturity functions for predicting the effect of temperature on early age strength development.
  • Geopolymer –Alkali activated binders to replace Portland cement.
  • Durability of structures.
  • Energy efficient buildings.
  • Whole life management.
  • BirCON – Blast and Impact Resistant Concrete.

The group aims to achieve the above through teamwork – ideas discussed and jointly bid for contracts/projects, actively monitor research income (currently at £1.2 million). Team members aim to improve their “impact” through establishing contacts with industry, Rilem Technical Committees (including their reports), blog sites for ongoing projects, organisation of conferences (CERI 2014, Concrete Solutions 2014, etc.).

New! Newsletter issue 1/14

The latest issue of the Energy Efficient Materials group newsletter can be downloaded here:

EEM newsletter 1-14


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