The Politics of Dissidence in Middle Eastern Urban Space

Dr Gehan Selim, Spaces of Liberation’s Lead Researcher, organised and chaired a special panel at the World Congress of Middle Eastern Studies at the Middle East Technical University in Ankara, Turkey.  The panel was fully sponsored by the International Association of Middle Eastern Studies (IAMES) based in Calgary, Canada.


“The Means and Ends of the Grounds for Rebellion”, Prof Aysegul Baykan – Yildiz Technical University, Turkey
“Displacement of Power: The reproduction of public space in post-2011 Arab City”, Dr Mohamed Gamal Abdelmonem (Project Leader) – Queen’s University Belfast, UK
 “Visualizing Spatial (In) Justice in Middle Eastern Cities”, Dr Ipek Türeli, Assistant Professor, McGill University, Canada
“Participants and conscripts in Egypt’s urban spaces”, Mr Mohamed Elshahed – New York University, USA
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