New children's book shines a light on challenges of autism

Architects involved with Queen’s make an impact on raising awareness and understanding of how to design to improve the built environment for those with autism.

autism book
Pictured are Dominic Morris (McNally Morris Architects), Peter Lloyd (Illustrator / Designer of the book); David McConnell (Arts Council) and Keith McAllister, ( QUB Architect Lecturer)
McNally Morris Architects, in association with Architecture at Queen’s University Belfast, have used a Creative Industries Innovation Fund (CIIF) grant from the Arts Council of Northern Ireland to investigate the relationship between autism and the built environment. The joint research project, building upon ongoing research at QUB, has resulted in the publication of ‘Aldo goes to Primary School’, a book that highlights some of the challenges that a child with autism may encounter in primary school. Launched to coincide with the start of Autism Awareness Month in April, the book illustrates some of the ways in which the built environment is relevant to the everyday experience of the primary school pupil with ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) and aims to promote a better understanding of an issue that is increasingly important in our society.
The book has been printed and will be distributed free of charge to schools across Northern Ireland.  A PDF copy of the book is also available to download from
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