Recomposing the city: Sonic Art and Urban Architectures

Recomposing the City: Sonic Art and Urban Architectures is a collaborative research group based at the Institute for Collaborative Research in the Humanities at Queen’s University Belfast. Their mission is to bring together researchers and practitioners from a variety of disciplines in addressing the question: How can sound artists and architects working in collaboration generate new ways of analysing, understanding, and transforming urban spaces?
The first seminar: A Matter of Sound, by Jacob Kirkegaard will take place on  Wednesday 9th October, 1pm-2pm at the Sonic lap. (map)
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Danish artist Jacob Kirkegaard’s works are focused on scientific and aesthetic aspects of sonic perception. He explores acoustic spaces and phenomena that usually remain imperceptible to the immediate ear. Kirkegaard’s installations, compositions & photographs are created from within a variety of environments such as subterranean geyser vibrations, empty rooms in Chernobyl, a rotating TV tower, and even sounds from the human inner ear itself. For this seminar, Kirkegaard will speak about his recent work.
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