Street Society 2012

Rural Operations

Street Society is a one-week ‘live project’ event providing Queen’s architecture students the opportunity to work for a real-life client with a real-life project outside of the university. This is the third consecutive year of Street Society at Queen’s, which emerged through a shared interest among teaching staff regarding the value of short ‘live projects’ to the architectural curriculum in both first and fifth year courses.
This years project ‘Rural Operations’ will consist of 12 student led design research offices, spread across the whole of Northern Ireland, dealing with rural castles, islands, leisure in the countryside, shopping, farming, former army barracks and hedgerows to name but a few.  It will be taking place between the 12th and 16th of March 2012.
The focus this year has shifted from urban Belfast to rural Northern Ireland. The twelve projects proposed for 2012 are spread across the Northern Irish countryside, working for and with a diverse range of clients, dealing with a raft of rural issues. Specific interests that will be addressed include what the ‘rural’ holds for the future of Northern Ireland, as well as what specific tactics and strategies architects can help develop for non-urban conditions.