Wordscape Website & QUB Street Society Exhibition Launch

PLACE and the Verbal Arts Centre invite you to Wordscape Website & QUB Street Society Exhibition Launch

Monday 9 May 2011, 1pm – 2pm
PLACE, 40 Fountain Street, Belfast
Invitation Only. Refreshments provided.
RSVP: info@placeni.org 
About the Street Society Exhibition
A group of talented architecture students at QUB, known as the Street Society, got together with PLACE over one week in March to create a magnificent array of audio and visual material, complementing a selection of the written works in Wordscape. This collaboration gave students across the year groups freedom to express their unique talents outside the arena of coursework. The exhibition from 5th – 14th May will showcase the students’ unique interpretations and rich creative work.
This exhibition marks the launch of the Wordscape website:www.wordscapeni.com
What is Wordscape?
The Wordscape project is a community website developed by the Verbal Arts Centre and PLACE that explores how Ulster’s landscape and built environment have influenced its literature and language. The site will is a rich document of image and text which anyone can add to and comment on.

Wordscape is funded by the Arts Council of Northern Ireland and is a joint initiative between between PLACE and the Verbal Arts Centre.