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Unknowing: Perspectives on Premodern Religion and Theology (May 22-24, 2009)

Queen’s University Belfast

Friday May 22, 2009

0900-1055: Registration

1100-1115: Welcome

1115-1215: Session 1 – Approaches to Mysticism I

Elizabeth Scarborough (Queen’s University Belfast):

“An English Apophatic Tradition? Marguerite Porete’s Mirror of Simple Souls in England.”

Louise Wasson (Queen’s University Belfast):

“”He oonli is my God that noon ne kan o word of seie”: Unsaying as Knowing in Marguerite Porete’s The Mirror of Simple Souls.”

1215-1315: Session 2 – Approaches to Mysticism II

Gabriel Ford (Pennsylvania State University):

“Richard Rolle’s Vernacular Psalter, Violence, and Mystical Psychomachia in his Commentary.”

Sarah MacMillan (University of Birmingham):

“Mysticism and Misinterpretation: Asceticism in the Life of Marie of Oignies.”

1315-1415: Lunch

1415-1615: Presentation

Ryan Perry and Allan Westphall report on the AHRC-funded Geographies of Orthodoxy project

1615-1630: Coffee

1630-1745: Session 3 – Religious Encounter

Asya Bereznyak (Hebrew University, Jerusalem):

“Unknowing Medieval Conversion: Bulgaria as a Case Study.”

Joshua Hollman (McGill University, Montreal):

“Knowing and Unknowing God as Method of Christian – Muslim Dialogue: Nicholas of Cusa’s On Learned Ignorance and The Peace of Faith.”

David Kim (University of Sydney):

“Mystical Thomasine Logia: Heretical or Sapiental?”

1800-1900: Wine Reception in Postgraduate Centre

Saturday May 23, 2009

0930-1045: Session 4 – Theology, Instruction and Reception

Anna Gottschall (University of Birmingham):

“Clergy as Teacher, Laity as Learner: How did the Church Disseminate the Theology of the Pater Noster during the Late Medieval Period?”

Amy Kieran (Queen’s University Belfast):

“Reassessing the “Orthodox-Heterodox Divide: The Figure of the Heretic in the Late Fourteenth and Early Fifteenth Centuries.”

Joanna Milk (Courtauld Institute):

“Towards a Vernacular Theology of Vision in Late Medieval Italy: The Role of Images.”

1045-1100: Coffee

1100-1215: Session 5 – Religious Writing in Context

Edina Eszenyi (University of Kent):

“A Renaissance Perspective on Medieval Angelology: The Fall of the Angels in Vincenzo Cicogna’s Angelorvm et daemonvm nomina et attribvta.”

David Falls (Queen’s University Belfast):

“The Carthusian Milieu of Love’s Mirror.”

Sean Otto (Wycliffe College, University of Toronto):

“The Morphology of Ideas: The Augustinian Basis of John Wyclif’s Anti-Papalism in the De Potestate Pape.”

1215-1315: Session 6 – Literary Inheritances

Linda Greenwood (University of St. Andrews):

“‘This also is Thou; neither is this Thou’: The Influence of Medieval Spiritual Literature on the Poetic Imagination of Charles Williams.”

Timothy Irish Watt (University of Massachusetts at Amherst):

“Negative Theology and its Effects in English Renaissance Literature: Three Examples.”

1315-1415: Lunch

1415-1615: Workshop – Genealogies of European Heresy

Facilitator: Dr Andrew Cole (University of Georgia)

1615-1630: Coffee

1630-1745: Session 7 – Locating the Premodern Subject

Michael Eisenberg (City University of New York):

“Unknowing the Passion: Spiritual Embodiment in the Eastertide Labyrinth.”

Michael Raby (University of Toronto):

“The Infinite Hermeneutic of Julian of Norwich.”

Daniel McCann (Queen’s University Belfast):

“Treating Confession: Psychopathology, Power, and the Technologies of Medieval Selfhood.”

1900: Conference Dinner for speakers

Sunday May 24, 2009

1000-1200: Workshop: Reading Ecclesiastical Spaces

Facilitator: Dr Anthony Masinton (University of York)

1200-1215: Coffee

1215: Roundtable and Conference close

1400: Film Screening in Queen’s Film Theatre

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