Feedback from QUB Translation Conference 2015

Conference Poster

QUB Translation and Interpreting Studies students and staff hosted their second international postgraduate conference in June 2015. The theme was “Territories of Understanding: Conflict and Encounter”. Students from QUB and a number of other universities in the UK and further afield presented papers on topics ranging from the translation of Chinese literature to the translation of slogans from the Syrian revolution to the translation of memory in Belfast through Troubles tourism.

Here is some of the feedback we received from the conference delegates…..

“I am writing to send you my congratulations for the success in the conference. As well, I am sending you and your team my most sincere gratitude for your enthusiasm and hospitality. It was indeed an enjoyable experience, and you have all made my first trip within the European Union an unforgettable experience. Thank you.  Meanwhile, if possible, I would appreciate it very much if you could kindly keep me posted with the future events taking place at your department. I will hopefully be able to attend should my full-time job allow me to do so.”

 - Shengchi Hsu (University of Warwick)


“I am a first-year PhD candidate from Newcastle University, and this is the first T&I conference I have attended since my research journey began four months ago. My trip to Belfast and Queen’s University Belfast is such a pleasant and memorable experience that one could ever hope for.

The two-day conference is well organised in every way. As a first-time visitor to different sites around the campus, I had no problem finding my way in between various conference sessions thanks to the helpful organisers and clear sign posts. The evening reception with authentic Irish music and exquisite dining is impressive, not to mention the lively dancing that so many of us enjoyed all along. It was such a joyful occasion that I had not seen it coming with an international academic conference, yet everything blended so well.

Back to academic interest, I am delighted that this conference offered me an opportunity to see Professor Susan Bassnett giving a keynote speech on translation and literature. Although my immediate research focus is interpreting pedagogy, the interesting quotes from translators, writers and media she included in the speech indeed raised my attention in a number of issues revolving around translation of literature as creative work and its far-reaching influence in a broader social and political context. The insightful comments and questions she raised after other researchers’ presentations are an extra bonus. The presentations given by other distinguished scholars and early PhD researchers also broadened my vision in thinking about the interaction between translators’ work and the real world. Having said that, the part of this conference that I enjoyed the most is the roundtable session. It was highly rewarding to participate in the discussion among speakers and attendees during the roundtable.”

- Yuming SHAN, School of Modern Languages, Newcastle University


“This conference offered all attendants a good opportunity to communicate ideas and to meet new friends. I was greatly inspired by talks given by our speakers. The atmosphere of the conference was absolutely lovely with live Irish folk music and dancing. One of the best postgraduate conferences that I’ve attended so far. Thanks again for all efforts!”

- Changjing Liu, PhD Candidate in Translation Studies, Bangor University

“Attending the conference regarding Territories of Understanding: Conflict and Encounter in Queen’s University, Belfast (QUB) is a marvellous experience for me. The first fantastic impression left on me is that there are many topics covered in the conference such as “Translating your Enemies”, “Translation and Tolerance”, “Indigenous Polynesian Writing and Self-translation” and the like. What’s more, I found quite a few Chinese-related studies in the conference such as “Translating China’s Avant-garde Fiction into English”, “Li Yutang’s Mediation by Paratextual Means” and so forth. These interdisciplinary topics expand translation itself to wider perspectives and connotations. Secondly, I met many experts at the conference and their broad knowledge inspired me a lot and their kindness made me feel at home. Last but not least, Belfast in the North of Ireland, UK, is a beautiful place to live and QUB is a time-honoured university to study at. Lingering on the campus and pursuing their academic desire, all ambitious students will believe that QUB is an ideal place to realize their dreams.”
- Qiaoyu Wang, Postgraduate MA student in Translation Studies, Newcastle University

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