Jie Wang

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I am Jie Wang, a second year PhD candidate in Chinese. After obtaining a BA in English education in mainland China, I carried on an MA in Translation Studies at QUB with a dissertation focusing on cultural divergence and integration of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) translation supervised by Professor David Johnston. I began my PhD in 2014 under the supervision of Professor David Johnston and Dr Piotr Blumczyński.

My thesis “Application-Oriented Review and Renewal of Translator Competence in Translator Training of Mainland China” looks at how translation studies associate with language teaching and provides pedagogical implications for future translator training in China.

I am excited studying at QUB with a highly supportive team including my colleagues and supervisors as well as other intelligent scholars in the translation field. I have benefited twice from a Santander Mobility Scholarship for study tours to Spain and Brazil. Currently, I am a freelance translator and interpreter (from English to Chinese or vice versa).

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