Jasim Al-Maryani


Jasim Profile PhotoI’m originally From Iraq. I was a staff member at the Dept. of Translation, University of Basra where I taught for more than 10 years before I got a scholarship to complete my study.  Now, I’m a third year PhD student at Queen’s. My thesis title is ‘Investigating the Manipulation of Ideology in the Simultaneous Interpreting of Political Discourse’. Beside my interest in translation and interpreting, I’m fond of discourse analysis, contrastive grammar, semantics, pragmatics, stylistics as well as sociolinguistics. Below is a list of published research papers that I have authored (or co-authored).

  • Structural Equivalence in Arabic-English Translation
  • An Evaluation of Metaphor in Three English Quranic Translations
  • The Translation of English Conditional Clauses into Arabic: A Pedagogical Perspective
  •  Transference of Regular Exclamatives in the Glorious Qur’an into English (co- author with Assist. Prof.Zahraa Nasir Al-Musawy(PhD)  and  Lect. Isra’ Mahmood Al-Salman)
  • Power and Solidarity in the Iraqi Political Discourse (co-authored with Lecturer Jawad Kadhim Jabir)
  • A Study of Focalization in Woolf’s Mrs. Dalloway (co-authored with Assist. Prof. Adel Al-Thamery (PhD)

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