Caleb Keown

Caleb KeownMy name is Caleb Keown and I am beginning my first year of a PhD in Translation. Following the completion of my BA in French and Theology at Queen’s, I stayed on to complete my Master’s here in 2014 and, after a year-long break, I am delighted to have the chance to continue my study at doctoral level.

My research aims to examine sports media and the influence that foreign languages and translation practices, as well as the newly globalized nature of professional sport, has had on how sports coverage is delivered. I aim to look at the new additions to the sporting lexicon that globalization has introduced to an Anglophone audience, the role of the media in the increase of the use of new expressions from cultural others and the function of dubbing, interpreting and translation across a range of media formats in this new, multilingual sporting landscape.

My other research interests include Bible translation, literary translation and language teaching. Outside of my academic work I work as a freelance translator and language tutor.


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