QUB Trampoline Club 2012/2013

Hello everyone, we are getting organised for the start of the new academic year 2012/13. With the Fresher’s Fair on Wednesday 26th September – keep an eye out for us, not that we are hard to miss, as we will have a trampoline outside the Students Union.

Just to let people know, the most reliable way to get in contact with the club or to keep up-to-date on what is happening with ourselves, is to ‘like’ us on Facebook, either search for QUB Trampoline Club, or simply copy and paste the following link: http://www.facebook.com/pages/QUB-Trampoline-Club/118404841529792 in to your web browser. Or contact us using the club’s email address: qubtramp@hotmail.co.uk.

We do hope to get the website updated over the coming weeks with more information about our club, but that will unfortunately take some time. We hope that no-one is inconvenienced by this delay.

Committee 2012/2013 – Andy, Kyle, Sam and Laura

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After an AMAZING year it’s time for the current committee to say goodbye… for now.

It was a fun year that even had a few gold medals for Queen’s and a place on the shortlist for most improved club.

The new committee are listed below and on belhalf of the whole club I wish them all the best.

Captain – Colum Miskelly

Secretary – Hannah Beattie

Treasurer – Andrew Wilson

Social Secretary / PRO – Elizabeth Murphy and Samantha Bennett

Good luck guys!

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Glasgow Highlights

March 2011 for SSTO

The list from the plane:
(NB some names left out for legal reasons…)


Rachel’s suitcase that was too big to go as hand luggage that is, but got smuggled through with brute force by Martin.
Hannah walking into the barrier before asking the bus driver about his tan!
Claire getting on the subway alone followed by 20 screaming tramps.
Andy getting booed off a trampoline and Hannah bouncing someone else off a trampoline.
Andy playing gay chicken.
Arm flailing IS a form of dancing.
Rachel falling off the stage.
Remind me to clench.
Rachel and Hannah thinking they should take some drunk fella home and Tilbury putting them right.
The mat and duvet combo on Saturday.
Systematically informing almost every other club member about TFS.
The plural of chips is chipses.
Rachel played a part in the Front Drop to Hospital saga.
Emer’s birthday ♥
Drunk girls devouring her cake.
Joe trying to smoke in a taxi.
The slutrun.
Take her easy and if she’s easy take her twice.
Flashing and commando.
They call it Primark here…
Other clubs thinking Andy was gay!
Pretend sex positions.
£5 note machine.
Cafe pile in.
Rachel ringing Simon’s mother.
The female farter of our club.
People ripping posters off hostel walls because there was no toilet roll.
Hannah and Joe’s dance off.
Flooding the bathroom to keep drink cold.
Making friend’s with the NZ guy.
The American BITCH from the hostel.
”I’ll tell yiz the God’s honest. I’m drunk.” Followed by Easyjet making an announcement for Joe because he was late for the plane and appearing in a sparkly hat and aviators.
Trying to speak like a southener ‘Teapotttttt’
The spide with the thong on the plane
Hannah checking up on the ambulance.

Dance off Winner: Hannah
Tour Guide of the Year: Claire
Pleasantly Promiscuous: You two know who you are…
Flirt of the weekend: Andy
Slutrun Winner: She knows who she is…

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Limerick Highlights

November 2011 for Intervarsities

Team A got GOLD (Rachel, Sarah, Joe and Georgie)
Joe got SILVER in Elite Men
Georgie got GOLD in Advanced Ladies
Well done guys!

Sexpert Award – Joe
Snappy happy Award – Rachel
Maul of the month Award – She knows who she is
Cover up with half a dozen swivel hips Award – Cynthia
Best Dancer Award – Morag
Irish Dancer Award – Kerri
Funniest Moment Award – Me and the penis during the game
Mascott of the year Award – Dina
Best post fall present Award – Catriona
Violated Award – Robyn
Sexy Legs Award – Martin
Strange Noise award – Kyle
Spooner Award – Samantha
Fright of the night Award – Emer

”Spooning leads to forking”
”What do you call a dog with no legs?”
”Do you wanna be boyfriend and girlfried?”

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(It’s like watching joe…)

After several years without an online presence QUB Trampoline Club are BACK!

So what’s happened in the meantime? Captn’ Cat had her reign, Captn’ Cat and Dirtty Sue had their joint reign and now Tilbs is enjoying her time as our illustrious leader.

Please just give me some time to get my head around this yoke… check back soon hopefully for photos and an update on just what Semester 1 taught us!


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