The EU Referendum & Northern Ireland: ask the experts (7 June,18:30)

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In the run-up to the UK referendum on continued EU membership, opinions were divided and very pronounced. Most agreed that this was one of the most important decisions in this decade for the electorate to take. We invited the general public to reflect on the EU referendum and put questions to experts from Queen’s and beyond.  A full report of the event is available now.  … Continue reading

EU Referendum: Border impact of a Brexit on Northern Ireland

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At the EU referendum on 23 June, citizens poll whether the UK should remain a member of the EU or whether it should announce its intention to withdraw. This question clearly affects Northern Ireland just as other parts of the UK. Nevertheless, the term “Brexit” has become shorthand of the event – as if the decision is only about Britain (i.e. England, Wales and Scotland). … Continue reading

Never mind Brexit scaremongering – Turkey is a long way from joining the EU

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The anti-immigration rhetoric of the Leave campaign in the Brexit debate has brought to the fore the question of further enlargement of the European Union. Justice secretary Michael Gove recently raged at the amount of money being directed at the five current candidates – Albania, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia and Turkey – warning that “another 88m people will soon be eligible for NHS care and school places for their children”. … Continue reading

Revisiting Intersectionality for EU Anti-Discrimination Law in an Economic Crisis

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On 1 April 2016, Professor Dagmar Schiek was a key-note speaker at the conference “‘Resistance, Backlash and Power: Gender Equality and Feminist New Practice in EU and Global Discourse’ International Symposium, staged by the European Union Centre Network New Zealand (EUCN NZ) and hosted by the University of Canterbury. A summary of the Symposium can be found here, and some more information can be downloadedhere.