Rights in Diverse Societies: Gender, Migration & Ethnopolitics in the EU (18-19 Nov)

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The PSA Ethnopolitics, Global Justice & Human Rights, and Women & Politics Specialist Groups will host an international conference under this title. The conference explores the intersections of ethnopolitics, gender and ethnic identities, and differential access to enjoyment of equal rights in diverse societies. … Continue reading

After the referendum – what next for the EU and the UK?

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In the immediate aftermath of the UK referendum on continued EU membership, Queen’s University Belfast’s Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence “Tensions at the Fringes of the European Union” (TREUP), in association with QPol policy engagement, offered view-points by a panel of academic experts and a debate on the future consequences and opportunities following the referendum. … Continue reading

After the referendum – what next for the EU and the UK? (29 June, 12:30)

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On 24 June the result of UK’s EU referendum was announced: a slim majority voted LEAVE, while majorities in Northern Ireland and Scotland favoured “REMAIN”. TREUP offered a public debate with its principal investigator, the co-investigators and two collaborators, filling a room to bursting and receiving more than 300 views on a live stream. A report on the event can be accessed here:  After the Referendum – what next for EU & UK – 29 06 16

… Continue reading

If Britain leaves the EU, could it simply re-join?

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Whatever the outcome of the EU referendum, there will be voters who, after the event, will have second thoughts on the wisdom of their choice. They will have cast their vote, however. And that cannot be undone. The result will stand. Assuming the vote is to leave, withdrawal negotiations would ensue and the UK would probably leave the EU two years later. … Continue reading