After the EU Referendum: Establishing the Best Outcome for Northern Ireland

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The overall, UK-wide result was: 51.9% ‘leave’ against 48.1% ‘remain’. Turnout was 71.8% with 17.4 million voters voting ‘leave’ and 16.1 million voters voting ‘remain’. In England and Wales the majority of voters voted ‘leave’. In Northern Ireland, as in Scotland and Gibraltar, however, a majority of voters indicated a desire to remain in the EU. … Continue reading

Beyond the UK Referendum – what next for the EU?

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Almost two weeks after the EU referendum, the world’s media are still focusing on the United Kingdom, its population and the disruption of its political caste in analysing the results of 24 June. This is akin to that long wait for the worst to happen, just like the rabbits’ instinctive immobility when viewing a snake. … Continue reading

After the referendum – what next for the EU and the UK?

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In the immediate aftermath of the UK referendum on continued EU membership, Queen’s University Belfast’s Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence “Tensions at the Fringes of the European Union” (TREUP), in association with QPol policy engagement, offered view-points by a panel of academic experts and a debate on the future consequences and opportunities following the referendum. … Continue reading