Become a School or Course Rep!

We’re searching for nominations for this year’s School & Course Reps!

They’re the vital link between our students and academic staff. They listen to students’ views, feed these back to staff members and make the changes that students want to see happen.

Each course at Queen’s has at least one Course Rep. They do some really important work to represent you:


Each School at Queen’s has one School Rep. They work across the School in different ways:


Becoming a School or Course Rep is an amazing opportunity for you to make a huge impact at Queen’s and improve the experience of all your friends and fellow students. Just look at some of the things they’ve done in the past…


Plus you’ll meet loads of new people, get lots of training, learn new skills and could even be rewarded with a Queen’s Degree Plus Accreditation.

Find out more and nominate yourself on the Students’ Union website

  • to be a Course Rep by 5pm, Friday 7 October
  • to be a School Rep by 5pm, Wednesday 12 October


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