Walking like a Cowboy – Female Strength Training

So I signed up to the Female Strength Training course way back in January alongside Hannah Niblock, Student Officer Education, as one of our New Year’s resolutions that we all make to be healthier.

I should perhaps rewind ever so slightly. I started my job as a Student Officer in July 2014 and I have put on nearly two stone, and am constantly tired, relying on lattes to keep my energy up. When you become a Student Officer people joke about the ‘Sabb Stone’ and I laughed it off but with eratic working hours and meetings every other night of the week you grab what you can to eat, which tends to be a £3 chippie box in my case…

I am not here to encourage people to lose weight or to dislike their bodies, I want all of our students to love themselves, but for many of us that is a journey. And particularly for me, it’s one about regaining energy and fitness.

Back in October I blogged about starting a couch to 5k to kick start my healthy regime but unfortunately had to stop due to the most horrendous shin splints. So I was back to square one. I also bought a bike and vowed to cycle everywhere and to be fair, I do cycle to and from work…although that may or may not only be a two minute journey!!

So back to the point of the blog, I have now completed two classes of my Female Strength Training and I have absolutely LOVED it! I went along to my first class and I was slightly apprehensive about what to expect, would this be another circuits class? Would I be forced to bench-press weight I couldn’t manage? What even was a bench-press?! Would I be surrounded by women who knew what to do already?

However, I went into a room with about 20 other women of all ages, shapes and sizes. I didn’t feel intimidated at all. I felt totally at ease. I am one of those people who sometimes has slight anxiety about social settings that I’m not used too and I can honestly say that this wasn’t the case.

Our instructor, Neil Thompson who is a personal trainer at Queen’s Sport has been absolutely fantastic. He is incredibly focused on form and technique which was something I severely lack. On our first session it literally felt like I was doing everything wrong but Neil was really supportive and helped me to realise that getting technique right is so important in order to avoid injury. Our first session was similar to a circuit session so that we got used to different types of weights and techniques. This was my first experience with resistance bands and walking across the room like a cowboy was hilarious.

After my first session I could definitely feel it everywhere… this means its working? Right?!!

The second session involved learning how to do a dead-lift and a squat and finished off with a small circuit again which involved resistance training and weights. Hannah couldn’t make this session so I teamed up with another girl and made a new friend. I was definitely not as sore the next day as I was after my first session. PROGRESS!!

All in all, I would definitely recommend this to any one regardless of their level of fitness as it’s a class designed to give you confidence and teach you technique. I will be blogging in another couple of weeks to document any changes in my fitness, energy and mood! Female Strength Training is currently on every Wednesday in the PEC from 6:30-7:30pm.

Definitely consider checking it out next semester!


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