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At Queen’s Students’ Union we’re known for providing exciting opportunities for our students, such as InnovateHer, Inspiring Leaders, and Homework Clubs. This year we’re delighted to introduce a new scheme in Semester 2 – The Diversity Ambassadors Programme! But what is Diversity Ambassadors, and what can it achieve?

Queen’s University is becoming more and more diverse – our student body is made of many different cultures, genders, sexualities, races and religions. We want to celebrate this and support our students in becoming more aware of how to recognise and showcase our diverse and multi-cultural campus.

The Diversity Ambassadors programme will offer training that will really challenge your thinking on issues of diversity. We want to develop awareness of the issues, but also get our students thinking outside of the box. Do you recognise diversity on campus? How is it being successfully highlighted currently? Do we need to raise more awareness, and how?

Ultimately the programme will equip students with skills and leadership qualities, while introducing them to a diverse group of students who will bring fresh perspectives to Queen’s and the wider world. We will facilitate our Ambassadors to initiate diversity awareness and recruitment in their Club or Society, to launch campaigns around a topic that matters to them, or to put on an event that brings together students from different backgrounds.

The programme will kick off on March 10th at 6pm with a meet-up and our first training session, and will be followed by a residential training session on 13th and 14th March. We’ll be revealing details of the residential in due course, but it’s not to be missed!*

The programme will culminate in QUB Culture Week where we hope to showcase the work of our Ambassadors!

Sign me up I hear you say?! The application process is now open and you can find out all the details here.

I’m very excited about Diversity Ambassadors and what it could potentially achieve, and I’m even more excited to meet you all very soon 🙂



*Please note our residential is an overnight stay. Accommodation, food costs etc. will be funded.

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