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Sexy Time

So this week has been our QUB Sexy Time week, just in case you hadn’t noticed! So far we have had workshops on different types of sexuality, pleasure and consent. We have also had our ‘Condom Fairies’ out in force as well as a hilarious Take Me Out hosted by RAG.

To finish off we have a few more events for you, one of which is bound to pique your interest…

1. Our Sexy Quiz  – Bar Sub – 8pm

We’re working with Sexpression to host their annual pub quiz on all things sexy, sexed-up and in general sex related!

Prizes include:

  • 1st Place – A basket of sex toys
  • 2nd Place – A slightly smaller basket of sex toys
  • 3rd Place – You guessed it… more sex toys!

On the night we shall have a ‘guess the number of condoms in the bucket’ competition! So come on down for a night of banter and sexiness!

sex quiz

2. Air Your Dirty Laundry Exhibition – Enterprise SU – 11am – 4pm

You may have seen a massive post box emblazoned with ‘QUB Sexy Time’ about campus in the past week, we asked you to share with us your most embarrassing sex stories and boy did you share…

Come along to our exhibition where we will be displaying these stories on a clothesline with some choice Bridget Jonesesque pants.

You either find out you weren’t the only one for that to happen to or you’ll get a good laugh out of the stories shared.

Air your Laundry-page-001

3. Sex Magician – The Lounge – 1pm

Yes you did read that correctly, an actual sex Magician.

Come along on your lunch time to see a magic show with a cheeky difference!

Expect some hocus pocus, talk about sex and STI’s, jokes about wands and of course a whole lot of audience participation…


4. Sex Bomb: Exploding Misconceptions – The Space – 7pm

Christians and sex don’t usually go together… or so you might think.

The QUB Christian Medical Fellowship with the help of their guest speaker, Rev. Trevor Johnston will be looking at sex from a Christian perspective.

They’ll be busting some common myths about how Christians really view sex, as well as challenging our very concept of sex in a 21st century world.

This workshop is open to Christians, atheists and everyone in between, so why not go along and join the discussion?


5. Netflix and Chill

It’s the end of our campaign and we’re looking to ‘Netflix and Chill’ with you in The Lounge.

Come along and relax on a beanbag and watch some classics to wind down after a hectic week.


We hope you keep it safe and sexy this week and enjoy yourselves!

Chloe x

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