Tips to help you survive exams!

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In the next two weeks all of you will be going through the dreaded exam period – it’s never an easy time for any student whether you are a first or final year. So we have put together 6 top tips for minimising stress levels and making revision a little less painful.



1)    Use your hands – to take notes of course 😉

When you’re revising, don’t just read, make notes as well. Sitting there, passively flicking through pages is a bit like self-hypnosis; after a while, you just tune out. Making notes is a positive act of fact-selection.


2)    Rediscover the rainbow

Colour coding is a huge help when it comes to collecting your thoughts when revising or use them during a break from revising to relax your mind and do some colouring in! We will be providing colouring in books at Are Ye Well every night in the Library over the exam period.



3)    Give yourself a break

At least 10 minutes every hour. And don’t do more than three hours at a time; the brain can’t take it. Take a break and join us at one of our yoga sessions in the Library or get your blood pumping in a self-defence class – find out more here.


4)    Go to sleep and eat proper food

Not over the desk you now call home in the Library, but in your actual bed, in your bedroom – you remember that right – it’s the room that isn’t the Library. If your mind is working overtime try drifting off to your favourite soothing music or even a podcast. Make sure you are drinking enough water and not binging on coffee during the exams. Chip Co and Dominos do not count as your 5-a-day.


5)    Tell them nothing

Your coursemates, that is. Before the exam begins, try to keep your mind focused on the six things you’ve got to remember about that topic rather than chatting to your friends about what you don’t know!!! And after the exam is over, don’t stand around comparing notes about how you all did. It will only depress you to realise that you’ve turned two pages at once and missed an entire question out.


6)    Remember to breathe

You’ve spent the last two weeks breathing in the reused air of 22,000 other students all cramming in the Library – it’s time to get some real air into those lungs and ensure your brain receives the maximum level of oxygen to the brain. Sit down and take six deep breaths in in through the nose and out through the mouth. Imagine you’re inhaling knowledge and expelling doubt. Then pick up your pen and show them how it’s done!!

Good luck and remember…


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