Disability Awareness Week – Guest Blog

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Hi everyone,

This week we’re launching our Disability Awareness Week.

As your Disabled Students’ Officer, I’m delighted to see campaigns like this taking off. This week aims to raise awareness of the broad spectrum of disabilities, help you learn skills that make society more accessible for everyone and give students an opportunity to voice their opinion on how things in the University could improve for the better.

From Introductory Sign Language Classes, My Guide Training and a Sensory Experience to a Disability Round-Table Discussion, have a look at What’s On.

We are also running a survey, both online and around campus, for all students to take part in to feedback on issues of disability and support on campus.

Although this awareness campaign is for a week it’s my goal to continue this work. If you have any queries, concerns, suggestions or ideas, I would love to have a chat with you. This can be about anything – perhaps you’re struggling, you think that the University can support disabled students better or you have received support that you feel could apply to even more students. Please just drop me a message!

All the best,
Stephen 🙂


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