Student Welfare Action Group or SWAG for short…an abbreviation that I embarrassingly kinda love.

These guys are going to be the glue behind all things welfare this year; they’re going to ensure that your SU delivers the best possible welfare campaigns but whilst having a great time in doing so. It will essentially be a little welfare community who will have a grass roots approach when it comes to rolling out campaigns but also taking onboard any feedback on what the SU should be doing regarding student welfare.

This group is open to anyone who has a strong interest in welfare issues that affect students, whether that be mental health, student poverty or sexual health – bring your ideas and we’ll make them happen!

This group will be open to two students from each year, Level 1-3 and postgraduate (Level 3 will include level 4 & 5 above) so there shall be eight students in the group.

Meetings will take place every other Tuesday and will usually last 1-2 hours; the members of the group are also expected to attend any welfare events.

To apply then please click here – the deadline is Friday 23rd!

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