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Welcome Queen’s Fresher’s and Queen’s Veterans alike!  You’re in for what is to be a very busy year full of nights out, events, protests, speeches, campaigns and probably a Northern Ireland Assembly Election thrown in somewhere along the lines. There is a multitude of things happening at Queen’s; be it the 200 clubs & societies or amazing volunteering opportunities you can get involved in, or the students and local community members who are out there trying to change the world. There’s so much that I decided to create a QUBSU Community Newsletter – 12 pages of pure gold that include some highlights of the amazing things happening around you, along with some contact details and information that may be of use to people who are now living away from home. As your Student Officers are so good to you – I’ve even thrown in a competition for some Amazon vouchers for you to spend how you please. So enjoy the year ahead – here’s what October has in store for you….

Click here to view the full QUBSU Community Newsletter

Click here to view to QUBSU Community Newsletter

Interested in getting something in the November newsletter next month? Contact me on su.vpcommunity@qub.ac.uk by the end of October with details.


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