Queen’s Couch 2 5K Challenge – oh no!

When I was in second year of my undergraduate degree I joined the gym, I had the best intentions of going three times a week and I was going to have fittest and buffest (not a word, I know…) body that QUB Law had ever seen.

Fast forward to May of final year and I had went a grand total of 5 times. 5 times. 5 times at £20 a month. £20 could do a weeks worth of groceries for me, it could pay for ten coffees! But every time I went to cancel I would feel guilty and talk myself out of it and so the cycle of guilt and feeling unhealthy would continue. I eventually cancelled it in June of final year after a lot of shouting at myself.

It’s now my second year of being your student officer and there are always jokes about the ‘sabb stone’ that you put on in your year, I can assure you that this is no joke and I have put on one and a half ‘sabb stones’ since I took up post in July 2014.

No one has told me I am fat or overweight and by all accounts I’m not, however I feel low in energy every day, the stairs kill me and the stretch marks are something I cannot ignore. Furthermore, this job is often stressful and has awkward hours so I find myself eating takeaways and feeling angry at the world.

My sister got married over the summer and I decided I was going to make this my fitness goal of the year, so I rejoined the gym and went and bought all the vitamins of the day. I also stupidly tried to take one of those famous detox teas…what ensued can only be described as a literal ‘Shitemare’ (kudos to Hannah Niblock for that excellent adjective)! Alas, I did not become the beautiful willowy bridesmaid for the day but what I did gain was a love for exercise that I have never gotten before.

It’s been proven that exercise can help with mental well-being. However, being active doesn’t have to mean taking out an expensive gym membership, jogging at 5am or sporting lycra. There are so many ways to be active and they can all help to improve your mental health. I am also acutely aware that there are many of our students who cannot take part in strenuous activity due to health reasons and this blog in no way designed to shame you and please see the link enclosed ‘Doing Sports Differently’ created by Disability Rights UK:  http://tinyurl.com/oq6u5gu

But for anyone who knows me, my biggest weakness is long distance running – I can run about 500m before I have to stop and nearly throw-up, I have burning pains in my shins and my skin goes beetroot…its not a pretty sight!

So I have decided to undertake the hard and sweaty task of Queen’s Couch 2 5K Challenge – it costs £10 for ten weeks and I am going to video blog my trials and tribulations of this challenge. You will see my crying (perhaps..), sweaty and pained face during rain, snow or shine and I want you to join me!

Sometimes the hardest step is the first and I am all too aware of this, so if you want a friendly face to sweat alongside and want to get fitter then please consider joining up to this challenge with me or if you want to chat about it then please email me on su.vpwelfare@qub.ac.uk 🙂


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