Here are some tips to keep you in tiptop form over the next two weeks…

1) Pace yourself

Our Freshers’ events are on for a fortnight. That is up to 14 straight days of partying (or at least heavy socialising). To avoid fresher’s flu, don’t massively overdo it. Try to sleep at least some nights, and remember to eat breakfast- The Union is putting on FREE breakfast on 23rd September the morning after the RAG Pub Crawl so no excuses!

2) Budget properly

A friend of mine spent their entire student loan during Freshers’ Week, and had to scrape by for the rest of the term and live off noodles! Don’t get carried away – have an idea of what you need to spend on food, rent, and course text books before you blow it all on nights’ out, new clothes and takeaways.

3) Go to Freshers’ Fair

The Union Freshers’ Fair is possibly the most important event of the year. It’s on Wed 30th September & Thurs 1sT October and it’s where you will meet all of our Clubs & Societies – there are over 190! Joining a club or society can be one of the easiest ways to make new friends, especially those who have been at the University for at least a year.

4) Talk to others if you are feeling homesick

Missing home, your family and friends is completely understandable. But remember you are not alone – others will be feeling the same – make sure to talk to other Freshers’ about how you are feeling – together you can support each other. And keep in contact with those at home, if you can, not every day but at least every couple of days until you have settled in. There are 7 Student Officers who know exactly what you’re going through so if you want a chat, pop up to the second floor of the Union to see them. Also make your room as homey as possible as soon as you move in – it helps trust me – we’ll be giving out some nice big Union posters throughout Freshers’ for your walls and there will be a Poster Sale in the Union just after Freshers’ fortnight so look out for that.

5) Some Freshers don’t drink

If you don’t drink, for whatever reason, you are by no means alone. We’re committed to offering our students with as many diverse activities as we can – this year during Freshers’ we have the Global Coffee Session, The Big Breakfast and the Chill Out Day so come along and say hi! That’s the best thing about Union life – there is always something for everyone.

6) Use Student Discounts

This really leads on from my budget properly tip – there are LOADS of discounts out there for students –so use them! You can pick up an NUS Extra Student card for £12. It gives 160 online and high street discounts in fashion, travel, food, gadgets, music and more.

7) Stay Safe

It’s my job to make sure I do everything I can to look after the Welfare of Queen’s students whilst they here but there are some really fundamental things that you need to do to take care of yourselfAlways let people know where you are going and who with, put at least one person on speed dial in case of emergencies and if you expect you might have a bit of a wild night, be sure to carry a condom or two ‘just in case’. The Union also offers a ‘Cab Now. Pay Later’ scheme with Value Cabs so if you are stuck for a lift home and have no money just ring Value Cabs. If you give the driver your student card they will allow you to pay for the fare at a later stage. Just call into the Union, pay your fare and we’ll give you back your Student card.

8) Enjoy yourself.

 This will be one of the best weeks of your life – enjoy it

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