Top Ten Tips for Surviving Freshers’ Fair

Freshers Fair

Top Ten Tips for Surviving Freshers’ Fair

Freshers’ Fair promises to be as exciting and hectic as last year with nearly 15,000 people expected to attend the event over the two days.  If you’re a committee member of any of our 200+ Clubs and Societies it can be a stressful time.  But don’t worry we’ve got some top tips to help you survive the day!

  1. Bring a Laptop or 2! – You will need to keep a record of all the students and non-students that you sign up at Freshers’ fair. Making an excel spreadsheet of names, email addresses and membership paid will allow you to contact your new membership after the Fair.
  2.  Decorate your stall – You will have access to your stall from 9.15am on the morning of the fair. You can decorate your stall with posters, leaflets, artwork, or props (as long as they fit within your stall area!!)
  3. Be Proactive – Don’t just sit there and expect people to come to you, get up and approach people to let them know how great your Club/Society is! Sweets or other freebies are a great way to get talking to prospective members.
  4. Look After Yourself – The fair can be a long day for any stall holder. Remember to keep hydrated and take breaks for food throughout the day.
  5. Bring some change – Access your Club/Society bank account in the Clubs and Societies Finance Office on the 2nd floor of the Students’ Union. This will allow you to bring along a float of money for change for people who want to sign up to your Club/Society.
  6. Bring a note pad – Just encase your laptop lets you down, or there are issues with Wi-Fi bring a notepad so you can get the names and email addresses of people that have paid up membership or are interested.  This will allow you to contact them after the fair.
  7. Read the instructions – You will receive a small instruction pack on your desk on the day of the fair. This will give you clear instructions on how to sign people up online along with the password needed to access this system for your particular Club/Society. This will all be explained at the Freshers’ Fair training but make sure to give it a read.
  8. Work with your Committee – Make sure your committee are all involved in working the stall at some stage throughout the day. Don’t leave it up to one or two person to attend all day, share the workload!
  9. Lodge your money on the day – After the Fair is over the Clubs and Societies Finance Office will be open until 6.30pm. Make sure you lodge your money directly after the fair so you don’t have to worry about carrying your Club/Society’s money home. There will be envelopes provided as part of your Freshers’ Fair pack to put the money in.
  10. Enjoy it! –  Enjoy the experience of exhibiting at the Students’ Union’s signature event. Nearly 15,000 people attended last year and over 11,000 members were registered in Clubs and Societies across the year.  This is a great way to develop your skills, meet new people and boost the profile of your Club/Society.


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