Valentine’s Day: Romance on a Budget


We all know that Valentine’s Day tends to be commercially driven with tacky cards and overpriced flowers and the cost of Valentine’s Day can quickly spiral, but it doesn’t have to be that way!

When you take a bit of time to think about what you want to do, you can still make an impact whilst still looking like you spent loads spoiling your loved one. Thoughtfulness melts the heart far more than a pricey pressie; so invest thought, not cash!

Here are my quick tips to shop you how to make quick savings for a budget Valentine.

Valentine’s Day Card

Valentine cards vary in prices, depending on what you go for. Why not put your crafty skills to the test and make one from scratch or search out free e-cards available from many  websites.


Saving: £5

  Gift Vouchers

If giving a massage is not your thing, why not go to the website and download their free Valentine gift cheque. Give a handful of blank cheques to your partner and, when they present one to you, you’ll do whatever it says on demand! Or how about a “get out of the doghouse free” card, where you let them get away with a minor misdemeanour you’d have normally chewed their ear off about.

Saving:  Depends on the demand!

A Dozen Red Roses

Roses are red, Violets are blue, and on average it will cost somewhere around £35 to order a dozen red roses from a florist. For a cheaper alternative, head to one of the discount supermarkets where last year you could pick up 12 red roses for under £3. In fact, why do you need red roses, the larger supermarkets stock a great variety of flowers for less than £5.

Top Tip: No matter how skint you are, no matter how last-minute your plans, avoid flowers from the garage forecourt – unless you want to end up wearing them.


Saving: £30.00

 Romantic Meal for Two

If you are lucky enough to get a table at a swanky restaurant on Valentine’s Day you will probably find an overpriced set menu. On top of the meal (about £25 each), and drinks (£25 for a bottle of white), you’ll need a taxi there and back (£12). Costs quickly add up, but you can take advantage of many supermarkets ‘dine in for 2’ deals.  A main course, side dish, desert and a bottle of plonk all for a tenner!


Saving: £77

 Bottle of the Sparkling Stuff

Off course a special romantic occasion calls for a bottle of something special and sparkling. Thankfully, we have developed a taste for cheaper equivalents such as prosecco and cava; so you can swap the Moet & Chandon at £45 for something easier on the wallet and still impress without appearing to be a skinflint. You can get a reasonable bottle of prosecco for £7; but if it has to be champagne most supermarkets will have deals on the lesser known brands around Valentine’s Day.

Saving: £38


Do all of the above and you will give your Valentine a day to remember and potentially make a saving of at least a whopping £150! 

Remember that the Students’ Union Advice Centre can give you lots of advice about saving money and budgeting. Just pop into the Advice Centre on the second floor of the Students’ Union or email Debbie Forsey, Money Management Adviser. Or why not come along to the lunch time money saving information event, to be held in the Students Union on 11 February 2014. A money saving free pizza lunch will be served too. Contact Debbie for details on how to register


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