Hi folks!



I’m very excited to be your new Student Officer Campaigns and Communications. I’ve been a student here at Queen’s for three years and was lucky enough to go study in America for a year on the Study USA program. I really enjoyed having a different university experience and living away from the comforts of home life.

I will be getting involved in the campaigns of the other Student Officers and making sure the student body knows when  events will be happening and how to get involved. You can keep up to date here, on the blogs, on what we are getting up to and what to look forward to. You can also get the low-down on what’s on from our website! Give us a like on Facebook and follow us on Twitter to keep informed on all the fun things happening during the semester 🙂 Also, if anyone has any new ideas on how we, as a Union can improve the student experience, I am all ears!

Anyway, just a quick introduction and we as a team are looking forward to the beginning of the semester! See you soon.

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