Getting Started With Facebook

Facebook is currently the most popular social networking tool with over 1.11 billion active monthly users (source:  Many of our staff and students are already using Facebook to keep in touch with friends and family and some Schools and departments within Queen’s have set up Facebook Pages to interact with prospective and current students, staff, alumni and the public.  The University’s main Facebook Page has over 10,000 ‘fans’, making it an effective medium for publicising events and promoting the achievements of students and staff.

If you haven’t already set up a Facebook account but are considering taking the plunge, the following guidelines will help you to get started.

  1. Creating your Timeline
    Once you have registered for a Facebook account you’ll need to complete your Timeline (personal profile).  You can upload a profile picture and a cover picture (these will be public) and add profile information such as where you work, where you studied and your relationship status.  It is up to you how much detail you include, although you should probably avoid making too much personal information available!
  2. Finding Friends
    Next, you’ll need to find and add friends that you want to connect with.  Several of your colleagues, family and personal friends are probably already using Facebook, so use the Search box at the top of the screen to look for them.   Facebook will also make suggestions in the People you may know sidebar.   To send a ‘friend request’, just click the +1 Add Friend link.
  3. Liking Pages
    As well as interacting with individuals, you can use Facebook to follow businesses, organisations or brands that you are interested in.  Facebook Pages, such as the Queen’s University Facebook Page, are public profiles set up by organisations to engage with customers or the public.  You can use the Search box to find pages and click the Like button to receive updates from that page.  Don’t forget to like our Facebook Page at!
  4. News Feed
    Your News Feed will display selected updates from your friends or pages that you follow, including status updates, photographs and links to articles they have shared.  You can view your News Feed at any stage when logged in by clicking the Home link at the top of the screen.  You also have the option to sort the updates by ‘Top Stories’ or ‘Most Recent’.
  5. Status Updates
    A status update can be anything you wish to share with Facebook, such as what you are doing, photographs or links to sites you find interesting.  You can also ask questions or ‘check-in’ to locations to let people know where you are.  Friends can then like, comment on or share your updates.  If you are not sure about Facebook etiquette, take a look at some of your friends’ updates first before you start sharing your own activities.  Remember that the idea is to generate conversation – not to share every detail of your day!

You can get more information on setting up a Facebook account at

Coming soon: Privacy Settings in Facebook.
For further advice on Facebook and other social media tools, check out our Facebook Page at!

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