Meet the Researchers – Diogo Santos

Not all of our Early Stage Researchers have been placed in academic organisations. Diogo Santos has moved from Portugal to study in a company in Germany:

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There is a saying which goes, “Understanding means fewer missteps, and missteps cost a fortune”. By understanding, evaluating and ranking the direct and indirect effects of remediation activities on the environment, their performance can be enhanced and thus, additional costs avoided.

My research goal is to support the selection of remediation technologies using life cycle tools. During my master degree in environmental engineering, I was able to broaden my knowledge in life cycle assessment and its integration in methodologies for sustainable decision-making.

Currently as a researcher in SUPREN GmbH, a consulting engineering company based in Germany, I am glad to be working in an international environment. I adapted very well; occasionally drinking crafted beer and watching football games also helped.
Reach out if you want to talk about my research or Portuguese gastronomy.