Clubs and societies at Queen’s

Here’s a flavour of some of more ‘out-there’ of the 190+ clubs and societies at Queen’s.


The Origami Society has become one of our most active societies here at Queen’s. This year they made over a thousand tiny paper helicopters and launched them in the library. You’ll learn the ancient art of paper folding, make lovely decorations and get free pizza :)

Roller Derby


Ok so you’ve watched the film Whip It and think you’ve got what it takes to be lead jammer. Well now is your chance – sign up to the Belfast City Rockets, Queen’s Roller Derby society.  The Rockets train twice a week and are always on the look-out for ‘Fresh Meat’. You’ll learn how to Booty Block, Cannonball and talk trash for your first bout – an event that can only be described as wrestling meets rugby on roller skates!

Underwater Hockey Club


So pretty much this is what it says on the tin – hockey played underwater!  It’s a worldwide sport played with short sticks and a puck at the bottom of a pool.  Players wear fins, a mask, a snorkel, a protective glove and headgear, definitely one of Queen’s most unique sports.  The club was only set up in September 2014 but has already placed 11th in the Nationals.

Bollywood Fan Club


Colourful, crammed with singing, dancing, romance and loads of costume changes – what’s not to love? The Bollywood Fan Club was set up to celebrate the Bollywood film industry and they meet regularly for film nights. A pretty new club on campus – definitely one to watch for next year.



With six trophies under their belts and over 250 members the Queen’s Knights cheerleaders are one of the most popular clubs on campus.  Make no mistake, this club is not just about cheers and pompoms – join the Knights and you will learn how to stunt, dance and tumble, and don’t worry: you don’t even need to have had any previous dance or gymnastic experience.



The biggest society at Queen’s, Dragonslayers provides a forum to satisfy the needs of gamers from the university, Belfast and Northern Ireland. That’s right – although a predominantly student based society, their doors are open to anyone over 18.

As well as meeting twice weekly for all things gaming and anime, they run larger events all year round and are gearing up right now for their flagship event, Q-Con XXII – the largest gaming convention of its kind in the UK & Ireland.

Running 19-21 June, Q-Con XXII will be three days of video, board, card and role playing games, cosplay, anime, movies, traders, comedy, concerts and more. Pre-Register at the Q-Con website.

Ultimate Frisbee


Ultimate Frisbee is a new sport for most people. It can be described as a mix between American football and netball… only with a frisbee!

The team plays at tournaments all over Ireland and everyone is welcome to come and try it out at any time. They train at 2pm on Wednesdays on the grass behind the PEC or at 2pm on Fridays in the Main Hall in the PEC. 

Your student officer

Niall McKenna

Your student officer for clubs and societies is Niall McKenna – read more from Niall here.

See the full list of clubs and societies at Queen’s here. 

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