Your favourite Queen’s lecturers

We recently asked you to tell us a bit about your favourite lecturers at Queen’s. Thanks to everyone who took the time to share their thoughts and memories with us. We got far too many results to list, but the names that came up most prominently are…

 © Aquinas Grammar School

© Aquinas Grammar School

Professor AP da Silva (Chemistry and Chemical Engineering) “made quantum physics accessible and fun”

Paul Simpson

Professor Paul Simpson (English) has a “great teaching style, great presence and such a wicked sense of humour!” while Dr Malte Urban is  a“fantastic lecturer, personal tutor and all round lovely man “

Ciara Hackett

Dr Ciara Hackett (Law) “has a talent for bringing students on an intellectual journey of which they did know themselves capable” while Dr John Stannard teaching criminal law is “a treat, especially ‘story time’ and that one lecture where he sang to us.”

Martin Kelly

Martin Kelly (Management) inspires some devotion: “He’s so good…we love you Marty!”

 © Jersey Evening Post

© Jersey Evening Post

Alistair Ruffell (Geography) is a “great guy and fantastic lecturer. I have fond memories of my Geology degree”

Johanna McMullan

Johanna McMullan (Nursing) “actually makes you want to listen and make learning more interesting. I love listening to Johanna going off into one of her stories but she always relates it to the topic. It’s so hard to make science lectures fun but she does so.” While David Marshall is “just crazy but makes a big impact on every lecture”.

Paul Cothorn

Dr Paul Corthorn (History) is “definitely a major influence in the work I’m doing at the moment, such a great lecturer and all round nice guy! (Very helpful with dissertation problems)!!”


Dr Deaglan Page (Psychology) is very simply described as being “Number one”

Mech and aero

Dr Jonathan Cole (Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering ) “What a guy – he made further mathematics enjoyable”


Dr David Timson (Biological Sciences) is ”always helpful and lectures are a great laugh”

Caroline Linse

Dr Caroline Linse (Education). “Her incredible help cherishes my creative thinking and problem solving power. Her unique outlook style had a massive impact on my life.”

John Spillane


Ron Coates (Planning, Architecture and Civil Engineering) for his superlative use of anecdote and Dr John Spillane (pictured) for being very generous with his time in spite of being one of the busiest people I know.”

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One Response to Your favourite Queen’s lecturers

  1. Michelle Francey says:

    Totally over the moon to see Deaglan Page on this! Best lecturer there is, with a heart of Gold!! Well done Deaglan

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