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Welcome to…Field season!

By Camilla Bertolini @CamiBe90 Bright sunshine outside today as I am about to head out to the beach. Those of you that have seen me walking around Belfast with buckets, coloured flags and big bags of scouring pads possibly can guess that by “heading out to the beach”, I don’t mean going to lie down […]

Perseverance for Preservation

By James Brown   If you have read my previous contributions to this blog you will know that I am working on the genetic variation of native Irish trees. As such I require leaf samples from across Northern Ireland as well as the Republic of Ireland. In the best case scenario I would be able […]

On closer inspection, it looks like a hare transplant

By Anthony Caravaggi      @thonoir   One of the fundamental questions asked by population ecologists, often preceded by an exasperated “Yes, but…”, is “how many are there?” A great number of subsequent questions and management decisions rely on estimates of population abundance and densities. Some survey methods allow researchers to calculate coarse estimates for […]

Social Science

By Billy Hunter   One of the pleasures of a career in science is the opportunities to travel, see new places and meet new people. Science, after all, is a social activity and it is through discussing our work with others that we come up with the next great idea we want to disprove. So […]

Can fear control ecosystems?

        By Camilla Bertolini @CamiBe90 “We are more often frightened than hurt; and we suffer more from imagination than from reality” – Seneca Now, imagine you are in the middle of a forest and you hear wolves howling in the distance, the noise getting closer and closer – your heart is probably […]

Research, Management and Policy

By Liz Ashton I wanted to take this opportunity to publicise the outstanding research from the IBIS project summarised and compiled into this book “70 years of applied science supporting marine and freshwater management.” This is a culmination of 4 years work by 35 researchers on 38 separate projects representing 70 person years of research! The […]

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